Joint Diploma 2022-2023 Lectio Magistralis “La Verità, Luce del Reale”

Joint Diploma Doctor Humanitatis

The Pontifical Institutions in Rome offer pathways in spiritual theology according to the perspectives emphasized by the different religious families who live the sequela Christi in different colorations and modalities. The ANGELICUM, with encouragement from the Congregation for Catholic Education, promotes the new Joint Diploma, in an effort to bridge the gap in mutual knowledge and to provide a space for dialogue between different traditions.

Working together with the ANGELICUM are a number of Pontifical Academic Institutions such as: Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo, Pontifical University Antonianum, Pontifical Theological Faculty St. Bonaventure – Seraphicum, Pontifical Gregorian University, Pontifical Salesian University, and Pontifical Theological Faculty and Pontifical Institute of Spirituality Teresianum.

The main objective is access to direct knowledge of the forms of spirituality presented by specialists in the places where they are lived, on the one hand to take advantage of a more complete cognitive horizon on religious families and their spiritualities, on the other hand to bring out more of the distinctiveness of one’s own spirituality in comparison with others and thus to receive help for one’s own spiritual life, and lastly to be able to help other people with different affinities, in spiritual accompaniment.


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