Going around metaphysics

How could we have access to the sacramentality of the mere things, to the sacramentality of the world ? The answer appears as the first and final condition to any attempt to achieve a sacramental poetics and, even higher, a sacramental liturgy, approaching God with respect to the divine and divinity, whatever we could concieve under those words. In our time, the epochal moment of the “end of metaphysics” (i.e. the modern achievement of philosophy, when philosophy has given up its initial title of the love of and toward wisdom), the main reason why we cannot perform this sacramentality lies in the primacy of the concept of the object. Metaphysics has ended up transforming eveything, every thing, into an object. It is why we have to go beyond and around metaphysics to reach, or at least to come closer to the sacramentality of things, both tiny and great, finite and infinite

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