The Concept of Ius in Thomas Aquinas-Call for papers

The Conference intends to explore the Thomistic concept of ius.

The Conference aims to show how the analysis of the Thomistic concept of ius, rather than being only of historical interest, may prove to be fruitful for present-day issues in legal theory, as well as for a dialogue with contemporary legal-philosophical conceptions of the juridical phenomenon, law, and rights. While recognizing the relevance of this fruitfulness for the life of law at all levels of research, the Conference highlights the particular relevance of the Thomistic vision of ius for the social teaching of the Catholic Church and for canon law.

Paper Requirements

Each speaker will have 20 minutes to present their paper and 10 minutes to take questions from the audience. Only papers that are directly related to the main topic of the conference will be taken into consideration. The final title and detailed summary of the paper (approximately 1,000 words) must be submitted for evaluation until 15 December, 2022. Paper submissions should be sent to until this deadline. The authors will receive a response regarding the acceptance of their papers by 15 January, 2023.

Event details
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