Rome Workshops on Dante

The Devers Family Program in Dante Studies and the Center for Italian Studies at the University of Notre Dame have organized two workshops which will be held between 11-13 May 2022 at the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway. The first, on the afternoon of 11 May, will bring to a close the seminars held on the Ante-Purgatory. The second one, on 12-13 May, will bring together the contributors to “Now feed yourself”: Anglo-American and Italian Scholarship on Dante, which will be published by Legenda in its “Italian Perspectives” series.

The primary purpose of the workshops is to create a space where Dantists can meet and discuss their research and ideas in a supportive and collegial atmosphere.

This workshop will be open to invited speakers and discussants only.


Workshops Schedule

Wednesday, 11 May: Ante-Purgatory

15.00:  (i) “Mapping Ante-Purgatory” — Theodore J. Cachey Jr (Notre Dame)

(ii) “William Durandus and Liturgies of Reincorporation in Dante’s Ante-Purgatory” — Rosemary Williams (St Andrews)

15.45:  Coffee break

16.00–17.30: Discussion

Thursday, 12 May: Dante Scholarship & Research in Progress

9.00–11.00: “Now feed yourself”: Anglo-American and Italian Scholarship on Dante

(i) “Gli studi italiani su Dante e la politica”—Enrico Fenzi

            (ii) “Anglo-American Scholarship on Dante and Politics”—Tristan Kay (Bristol)

(iii) “Gli studi italiani su nuove prospettive critiche su Dante”—Antonio Montefusco (Ca’ Foscari)


11.00–11.15: Coffee break

11.15–13.00: Research in Progress I

(i) “Le Lamentazioni tra Cavalcanti, Dante e Pietro di Giovanni Olivi”—Anna Pegoretti (Roma III)

(ii) Dante’s Rime—Catherine Keen (University College London)

(iii) “L’autorità di Dante come rimatore e le tradizioni della lirica”—Laura Banella (Oxford–Notre Dame)


13.00–15.00: Lunch break

15.00–17.30: Research in Progress II

(i) “‘Sì come l’occhio debole al sole’: Variations of a Scholastic Topos”—Peerawat Chiaranunt (Oxford)

(ii) “Is Dante’s Questio de aqua et terra a questio?”—Zygmunt G. Barański (Cambridge–Notre Dame)

(iii) “Deixis in Ante-Purgatory”—Caroline Dormor (Oxford)

15.45:  Coffee break

16.00–17.30: Discussion

Friday, 13 May: Research in Progress

9.00–11.00: Research in Progress III

(i) “Dante filosofo: un mito ottocentesco?”—Luca Bianchi (Milano)

(ii) “Beatrice is Not a Woman: Pierre Mandonnet, Etienne Gilson, and Symbolist and Realist Interpretations of Dante’s Beatrice (1879–1939)”—George Corbett (St Andrews)

            (iii) “Celebrare Dante attraverso la sua effige: riflessioni e nuove proposte”—Silvia Maddalo (Università della Tuscia)


11.00–11.15: Coffee break

11.15–13.00: Research in Progress IV

(i) “Dante e le ‘parole chiave’ bibliche”—Paola Nasti (Northwestern)

(ii) “Versified Hagiography: Praise of Women in the Versified Legend of the Virgin Claire and in the Commedia”—Heather Webb (Cambridge)


13.00–15.00: Lunch break

15.00–17.30: Research in Progress V

(i) “Virgilio, Dante e Roma”—Chiara Sbordoni (Notre Dame)

(ii) “Per l’interpretazione del Virgilio di Dante: problemi e prospettive”—Giuseppe Ledda (Bologna)

15.45:  Coffee break

16.00–17.30: Discussion

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