Real Estate and New Evangelization

For over two millennia, the Church has lived out her Gospel mission in the world by bringing the love of Christ and the love of neighbor to those in need. Today, with schools, hospitals, orphanages, universities, homeless shelters, cemeteries, parishes, and more, the Catholic Church is both the largest social services provider and non-state landowner in the world!

As secular culture changes and the real estate industry becomes increasingly complex, the Church finds herself with the challenges of maintaining and managing vast amounts of property such that the real assets become liabilities and time intensive issues that detract from evangelization. But there is also great hope that these same liabilities can become assets to help the Church address today’s needs and live out the call for our New Evangelization.

Join the University of Notre Dame and the Global Institute for Church Management as we explore the spiritual and practical challenges and opportunities of Church Real Estate! Register here:

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