Università LUMSA

LUMSA University (Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta di Roma), is a public non-state Italian university formed on Catholic principles based in Rome with campuses  in Palermo and Taranto. LUMSA was founded in the Borgo district of Rome in 1939 as a Higher Institute of Magisterium, before becoming a  privately-run Catholic institution and part of the Italian National University system. LUMSA was founded on the principle that an academic institution should contribute to the common good. Today, the University’s three faculties offer a variety of high-quality bachelor, master and PhD programs that focus on the principles of New Humanism.

LUMSA strives to be at the service of society. Its research is focused on addressing the needs of the community, both in the context of  the everyday life of its members, as well as the environment, common to all. Thus, sustainability is a key theme in LUMSA’s academic offerings. Within their unique contexts, LUMA’s degree programs emphasize the importance of caring for the planet, our “common home” (cf. Encyclical “Laudato si ‘” by Pope Francis) and the creation of  new social and economic philosophies.

LUMSA offers a total of twenty degree courses, mainly in the fields of human and social sciences, including economics, marketing, legal and political sciences, IT data management (one of the first professional degrees in big data management in Italy), modern languages, psychology and education. The LUMSA Master School offers more than seventy master’s degrees through its Rome and Palermo campuses and about thirty training/specialization courses.