Global Catholicism and Religious Pluralism

The round table will present the preliminary research of the working group on Catholicism and Pluralism as a component of the comparative project on the theologies and practices of religious pluralism within the Abrahamic traditions. Since Vatican II, the Catholic Church has opened itself to a sincere dialogue with other religious traditions in the universal search for truth and for the common good. The historical encounter between Pope Francis and Sheikh Imam Al-Tayeb lies at the heart of an aspirational pluralism, which the Catholic Church has embraced as one of its key drivers. In this context, the Catholic Church’s role as a vector for pluralistic discourse is more crucial than ever in the current global landscape threatened by instability and the instrumentalization of faith to promote division. The round table will discuss how the V-Theo project will showcase the Catholic Church’s positioning in a global context and how interfaith and intrafaith discourse are central to the Catholic mission.

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