Congress: Transitioning to Integral Ecology: Transdisciplinary Approaches for the Grounding and Implementation of a Holistic Worldview

“Since everything is closely interrelated, and today’s problems call for a vision capable of taking into account every aspect of the global crisis, I suggest that we now consider some elements of an integral ecology, one which clearly respects its human and social dimensions” (Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, 137)

Today there is an increasing ecological awareness around the world and a transition toward a society based on what Pope Francis calls “integral ecology” is underway. Where this transition is successful, it includes collaboration between experts in different academic disciplines, civil society, politicians, religious leaders, and all those who influence popular culture. This three-day conference seeks to showcase a method of interaction between specialists and activists that can help deepen this process of collaboration. It employs a method of panel discussion. On each day, one dimension of the ecological challenge is focused upon, but, after listening to experts on that dimension, perspectives are heard from experts from other fields. What we hope will emerge is a deepening awareness of what Pope Francis calls “transdisciplinarity” where experts and activists work toward a goal of constructing a world-process in which each plays a necessary but not sufficient contribution.

“Today’s recovery of an interdisciplinary approach is certainly positive and promising … It is all the more so in its “strong” form, as trans-disciplinary, situating and stimulating all disciplines against the backdrop of the Light and Life offered by the Wisdom streaming from God’s Revelation” (Pope Francis, Veritatis Gaudium, Introduction, 4C)

The event is held in the afternoos of the 3 days.

Participation is free and in presence, highly reccomended. A link for online participation will be provided after registration on the website.

Both types of participants must register by June 3, 2022, 12.00


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