God in Christ Reconciling: On the Way to Full Communion in Faith, Sacraments, and Mission

The first conference of the Tillard Chair 2022-2023 cycle will be on Friday, 7 October, dedicated to the theme “Christian Unity and Reconciliation”.

The conference, which will take place in Room 11 from 17.30 to 19.00, will be a presentation of the latest document of the international Catholic-Methodist dialogue, entitled “God reconciles us in Christ: on the way to full communion in faith, sacraments and mission“.

This present round of dialogue of the Methodist Roman Catholic International Commission between the World Methodist Council (WMC) and the Catholic Church began with members being received in audience by Pope Francis in October 2017. The formal addresses by His Holiness and Bishop Ivan
Abrahams, WMC General Secretary, marked the fiftieth anniv ersary of the commencement of theological dialogue between Catholics and Methodists in 1967. Since then, the joint commission has produced ten substantial reports coinciding with quinquennial meetings of the WMC. Cumulatively,
these reports register significant theological agreement and convergence between Catholics and Methodists. Both Pope Francis and Bishop Abrahams recognised that after fifty years, we are no longer strangers, but brothers and sisters committed to the journey of walking together towards unity. The co-chairs were honoured to present Pope Francis with a Spanish translation of the commission’s most recent report The Call to Holiness: From Glory to Glory (Houston, 2016).
The theme of this latest round of dialogue, the eleventh series, is reconciliation.


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