CALL FOR PAPERS – Miracles: Scientific, Theological, and Philosophical Perspectives

Miracles are one of the core features of the Christian religion, as well as many other faiths. The most foundational miracles are those described throughout the biblical narrative. However, there have been continued reports of miraculous events even to this day, and some have become important in popular piety and the faith of individual believers. In light of the advances of modern science and our deeper understanding of the physical and biological world, many have claimed that such miraculous events, ancient or contemporary, are implausible if not strictly impossible. In this conference we will consider the miraculous with the tools of contemporary theology, philosophy, and science. Drawing on the insights of an international collection of specialists, we will address various foundational questions about God’s supernatural action in the world: What exactly is a miracle? In light of advances in science and philosophy, are miracles possible? If so, can modern science help identify and understand miraculous events? What role should miracles play in our personal Christian faith? Is it reasonable for scientists to believe in particular miracles, and if so, when? Does nature need special divine action in its operation and major evolutionary transitions?

Paper Requirements

Recent doctoral scholars and graduate students are invited to submit proposals (no longer than 300 words) for a short paper addressing topics discussed at the conference, as well as other issues in the dialogue between science and religion. Please include a short academic biographical note (50-150 words) in the submission that lists any degrees and the institutions where they were obtained, as well as your current affiliation. All submissions should be emailed by 1 January 2024 in order to be considered. Preference will be given to applicants who are willing to present in Rome.


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